A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Suki's Soul Food is a point-and-click cooking game about running a food truck for cats! 

Make crazy dishes with weird names for your fuzzy friend customers, but keep an eye on the clock! Features procedurally generated recipes, a global high-score list, and hand-drawn art!

Made for GAMES MADE QUICK??? 1½ by:

Connor Botts - Programming

Emily Muller - 2D Art

Ethan Thibault - Production, Audio

Nathan Wentworth - Programming

Sabrina Velez - 3D Art

Featuring music from FM FUNK MADNESS!!, licensed via CC BY-NC-SA


Suki's Soul Food (Windows) 38 MB
Version 1 Jul 20, 2017
Suki's Soul Food (macOS) 52 MB
Version 1 Jul 20, 2017

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