A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Outerworld Image is a surreal, meditative photography game. Walk around a neon planet, taking photos at your leisure that can be saved and shared, while listening to some calming music and not thinking about the end of the world. Made by 5 students in a semester.

"You know, to remind you of the good times when you were inside a weird, pink game world, and not in this overwhelming collapsible reality."

- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Team Stretch Dog:

Connor Botts: Programming, Design, Assembly

Adam Chop: 3D Art

Sheamus Crowley: UI Design, Art

Ethan Thibault: Production, Audio, Marketing

Nathan Wentworth: Programming, Design

Thanks to: Emily Muller, Delton Hulbert

Music is from Bunkai-Kei Records, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

NOTE: Users using more then a single monitor may experience a screen distortion bug, and should play the game only using a single monitor.


8/31/2016 - v1.2 = Fixed music playing at the same time bug!

8/4/2016 - v1.1 = Added some color correction, fixed tutorial being stuck bug, minor text changes!

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip "OuterworldImage-Win.zip" and double-click "Outerworld Image.exe" to run.

macOS: Unzip "OuterworldImage.app.zip" and double-click "Outerworld Image.app" to run. If it says you can't open it, right-click the app and select "open".

Linux: Unzip "OuterworldImage-Linux.zip" and double-click "OuterworldImage.x86_64" to run.

Thank you for playing!


OuterworldImage - Windows (v1.2).zip (112 MB)
OuterworldImage - macOS (v1.2).zip (115 MB)