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I played your game. I enjoyed it for a short game. Good job. 

Very short but quite neat for what it is. Nice visuals.


Absolutely GORGEOUS visuals! Loving the low-poly style. Wish the game gave a bit of a story as to why we're hunting this god, where we are, and a few other things. Loved playing this and hope to see more games similar to Skoguth soon! Keep up the awesome work!

The zips aren't working for me. I'd really like to play this!

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Definitely make sure you unzip them first, and that you downloaded the right version for your OS!

Too short, and no true sense of an ending. The game has great potential that brings me thinking back to those shadow of colossus days. Just wished the endings were more of well... endings and not just sending back to start menu.

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Thanks for playing! We completely agree with you, and we learned a ton from this game, so hopefully the next one we'll stick the landings!