Handgun Hoedown is now on Linux!

Howdy y'all!

We could not be more pleased with the launch of Handgun Hoedown - it's been viewed over 3,000 times, and 950 copies have been downloaded! This is so much more than we initially projected, and it's a really great response to a small student-made game. Thank you to everyone who has viewed, downloaded, played, or shared!

Today we're uploading the Linux build of the game! This comes with the quick caveat that, due to the nature of Linux operating systems, this build has not been as extensively tested as the other builds have, so it is possible there are new bugs that we could not predict! If you're a Linux player and come across a bug, please leave a comment on the game page! We can't guarantee we'll be able to fix it, but we can sure give it a shot :)

We're hoping this new build will get us to 1,000 downloads! Please share the game if you can, and if you've played it leave a comment with your thoughts!


Handgun Hoedown - Linux.zip 40 MB
Sep 06, 2017

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